Privacy Statement

Zak & Associates recognizes and supports the need to protect the privacy rights of our Web site visitors through disclosure of our practices regarding the collection and use of information. The information contained in our web pages is subject to change. Zak & Associates reserves the right to change any information without notification.

Web Privacy
We respect your right to privacy. Information collected by Zak & Associates is used strictly by us. Zak & Associates does not share its mailing or e-mail list with third parties. We may, from time to time, send you information pertinent to your status at Zak & Associates.

Public Information
Some of our web pages are published for members and non-members to use in the public domain. These informational pages are provided to help facilitate your knowledge of and application to Zak & Associates. This information is not intended for any other use. Outside third parties may not use this information for commercial, public or private purposes beyond this intent. Zak & Associates is not responsible for the content or how this information is used by others.

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